The Cry of the Phoenix

Talorgen nei Wrguist

Written for the Barony of Sacred Stone's 20th Birthday

The cry of the Phoenix is the sound of my home
And I know that I'll hear it wherever I roam
Hasten ever onward those who hark to its call
The Folk of the Phoenix shall always stand tall

The Kingdom of Atlantia has a Barony most fair
Warriors fierce, ladies fine, artisans so rare
Sacred Stone stands proudly and thrills to the call
As we seek to live the dream on the field and in hall

In the heart of our people beats the phoenix most rare
And it burns as a flame in the way that we care
In the arts that we practice, in the service of our king
And the prowess in battle and in tourney we bring

Visit our Barony and our cantons so bold
Hawkwood, Baelfire Dunn and Aire Faucon
Charlesbury Crossing or Salisberie Glen
And Crois Bride as well are proud Phoenix and kin