A meager beginning:

The songs on this page have a link in the name if I have their lyrics sheets online, and a link to a recording of the song near the end of each entry. The tunes to which I perform songs are frequently of my own devising, or my own modifications of the tunes which I got with the lyrics. Where I present the work of another lyricist, the tune and lyrics both frequently vary from the original in signifigant ways.

Peasant Knight by Mistress Rosalind Jehanne of Paradox Keep. Recorded by Talorgen. Mono, mp3. 3 megs

Cry of the Phoenix by Talorgen nei Wrguist, recorded by Talorgen. Mono, mp3. 1.5 megs

Lay of the Woodsman and the Warrior by Master Li Kung Lo (© Richie Munroe), recorded by Talorgen to a tune of uncertain origin. Mono, mp3. 1 meg.

Crownèd King by Mistress Guernen Cimarguid (OL). (© 2004 G. R. Grove) Tune & recording by Talorgen. Mono, mp3, 3.7 meg Mono, mp3 64kbps, 1.7 meg.